About The Doggie Spa

The Doggie Spa is a family owned business run by a husband and wife team. Monica takes care of the grooming and Chris works on business administration. Monica has a long backgound in animal care. She has been a veterinary technician ​for 8 years, and in 2017 she received her license as an RVT ( Registered Veterinarian Technician). Monica and Chris both enjoy an outdoor life style, and when they are not out working on their businesses they can be found hiking with their two dogs Biscuit & Gravy, or lounging at the dog beach. Individually Chris enjoys mountain biking and scuba diving and Monica loves playing polo and yoga. 

The mission behind The Doggie Spa is to provide a full grooming service with maximum connivence and comfort to both owner and pet.  Pets are Groomed in a one on one cage free environment inside our spacious grooming trailer which we bring to you. No more loading up and dropping off at a grooming store. At The Doggie Spa we are very environmentally conscious and believe in running our business in a water saving, eco friendly, sustainable manner . The grooming trailer is 100% self sufficient and all gray water is recycled into Chris and Monica's personal garden.  Which also means that all shampoos are biodegradable. This keeps the planet and your pets skin/coat happy and healthy. 

The Dogs and Cats we groom every day have motivated us to produce new products which can help them improve their quality of life. Find out about Relievet:



Our Team

The Doggie Spa is a family owned and operated business

Monica S, RVT


Chris K

Business Administration


1 (888) DOG-E-SPA

1 (888) 364-3772

San Diego CA 92115

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