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First timers: A warm welcome for your dog or new puppy.

Monica, at The Doggie Spa, wants your pet to enjoy their mobile grooming session every time they visit. A very warm welcome is given to all of our customers so they relax and and feel absolutely fabulous when they leave and return to their owners looking and smelling great!     

We especially appreciate that when a pup or an adult dog comes to a dog groomers for their initial visit, it can be somewhat unsettling. There are unfamiliar smells and strange sounds as well as new people in a different space to get to know so we do our best to help your pet feel at ease and happy. We want to reassure you that your dog is being well cared for and treated with respect at all times in the at home mobile pet grooming Doggie Spa. We come to you to make it easier for both you, your family and your family pet.

Please read on to hear how -        

How we help your pet to relax and enjoy their experience on their very first visit to the Doggie Spa.

A puppy’s first grooming session is also basic dog training as learning to wait, to lift paws, allowing a person to touch their ears, mouth, bottoms and other areas for inspection and cleaning builds their confidence and trust so they are less likely to fear a human’s touch or to wriggle and bite. You and your vet will appreciate the benefits of that training. We start preparing for the relaxation before the dog has their first wash and cut, when you book the appointment, then at the start of the visit right through to handing him/her over to you all clean, fresh and happy! Then afterwards we keep in touch to make sure both you and your pet are happy with our mobile pet salon service and we keep a schedule for your pet for their specific needs.       

Dog grooming that comes to you - What to tell us when you book?

We are a truck and trailer and work best with flat spaces for parking in a driveway or on street. No electric hook-ups are required as the trailer has its own generator running the air conditioner, hot water and dryers. We have the capacity to groom up to 4 dogs at same time in our spacious facility.

Please tell us the following information to enable us to provide the best possible grooming on wheels service to you and your pet:

About You

- Your name

- your home address (and address you wish us to come to, if different)

- your contact details (phone number(s), email address)

About your dogs

- Dog’s name(s), age, breed/type & size (weight)

- Type of service: wash only, wash and cut, additional treatments - nail trimming, teeth clean, ear cleaning or anal gland expression

- Any dog behaviour issues it would be good for us to be aware of, such as biting, fears or phobias, anxiety or nervous peeing/poopers?

- Any special needs, such as concerns around ailments, scratching, fleas, mobility issues, eyesight or hearing problems?

(Note: if you suspect fleas, we give you our last appointment for the day as we must disinfect our trailer afterwards to avoid spreading to other customers dogs. A flea treatment will be given for an extra charge.)

First appointment - What happens in first 10 minutes?

The Doggie Spa mobile dog service comes to your home (or alternative address if required) to meet you and your dog or young pup. This reduces stress for your pet as no need for them to take a car journey away from home and means less time away from you and less of your time too. Monica will discuss your requirements and check if anything has changed since you provided details on booking. She will park near your home and you are welcome to come take a look inside the spa and ask any questions. Monica will talk to your dog, by name and say some re-assuring friendly words then lead or carry your pet to the trailer then stroke them and offer some tasty treats to help them settle in.    

First appointment - What can my dog expect while being groomed?

As the dog has a sniff around and look at the large travelling pet grooming area, we continually talk to him/her, saying “good dog” to make them feel at ease. We allow the dog to sit for a little while to take in their new surroundings, with a lead on, allowing them time to relax - a valuable lesson in patience that helps with a pup. Treats are given too of course!  

The dog is placed into the mobile dog bath tub and the shower is turned on with the water at just the right temperature - not too hot, not too cold. It can be noisy when the shower pump is on for your dog’s bath and then the dryers are an unfamiliar sound too, so we put on some soothing music and that helps. A calming aroma diffuser is switched on and that smell helps too. Lots of praise and reassuring words given throughout, along with gentle massaging and brushing continues to make your pet relaxed. We use our own organic shampoo, formulated especially for dogs which is scented with pure lavender essential oil which is known to have a calming effect. Coming soon! You will be able to buy it on our website soon. If you have more than 1 dog and we take them at the same time (4 maximum) for grooming, patience is learned, as each dog is given the correct individual attention it needs in turn - more essential basic training for pups and some older dogs too!        

First appointment - What happens at the end of the grooming session?

Lots of praise, petting and more treats! Most dogs are very happy at the end of their session and we find that enjoying their experience means that they are pleased to see us again as we are friends now as we have shown them kindness and respect and made them feel good. A dog with a long, thick coat will feel lighter and cooler after their haircut or trim. Where the pet has had matting or itching, he or she will be less scratchy and sore.   

We will discuss the session with you to let you know how it went, make any recommendations and to make sure you are happy with the results of the grooming. We are happy to take your next booking at this time.

A happy dog means a happy owner means a happy groomer!

First appointment -  What follow-up after the visit?

We want to make every visit to the Doggie Spa a special and enjoyable experience. We’ll get to know your dog and love him/her just like our own dogs over time. We take care to give you feedback immediately if we spot any health concerns and as Monica is a qualified Veterinary Technician she knows what to look for. This may indicate that a visit to your vet could be advisable. Some minor conditions could be treated by you or by Monica. Monica and Chris also own Relievet which supplies a product that may help with some issues.

Relievet provides pet owners with products they can trust to do the best for their pet family. We do this by using the highest quality natural ingredients, thoroughly testing our products and drawing from our years of experience volunteering and working with animals in veterinary practices. (add link to Relievet)

We can share our newsletter with you if you are happy to provide your email address.

Subsequent appointments at the mobile dog grooming trailer - Booking preferences?

Regular grooming will help to keep your dog in tip top condition, looking and smelling great! Let us know your preferred days, times and frequency of grooming for your pet so we ca slot you in our schedule at convenient times and intervals, well in advance to avoid disappointment. But don’t worry if that’s not always possible as we are happy to take shorter  notice appointments too.

Just call or text to make appointments 1 (888) 364 3772.

Benefits of dog grooming on wheels!

A puppy’s first grooming session at the mobile dog salon has the following key benefits:

- It is basic dog training as learning to respond to their name, to act on commands, to sit and wait patiently, to lift paws, allowing a person to touch their coat, ears, mouth, teeth, bottoms and other areas for inspection and cleaning builds their confidence so they are less likely to fear a humans touch.

- It is your pet’s initial basic body health check as the gromer can do an examination of the dogs body, paying particular attention to ears, teeth, eyes, skin, etc...

- The Doggie Spa mobile dog service is convenient as it comes to you to provide grooming. This reduces stress for your pet as no need for them to take a car journey away from home and means less time away from you and less of your time.

- It is your dog’s first professional canine mobile grooming spa treatment where they can relax and experience a mobile dog wash, cut, dry and brush. Additional treatments are also available see here

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